Wednesday , July 29 2015

12 person weird body structure


Advertisements People do not have similar physical structure. There is difference in their look body structure and this difference is the rule of nature. But there are those types of persons in the world whose physical structure is very uncommon. Some are from the birth and some due t the defect through various diseases. Here are these kind of people ...

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First fake Facebook account user

fake facebook

Advertisements Facebook is one of the social networking sites used by people all over the world. Lately more than corer people has been using Facebook though out the world. But there has been wrong trend going on in the Facebook among which one is fake account. In the fake account the original person using the Facebook is different than the ...

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Actress Adhikari’s acting in Sima and Sangita’s pain


Advertisements While preparing for SLC teo girls Sangita Magar and Sima Basnet became the victim of acid attack. They still have not returned to their normal state. To encourage the two victims, a music video has been made. In the music video, actress Keki Adhikari is acting as Sima and Singita’s representative character. Keki Adhikari has done a ton of ...

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Judge solve the family disputes feeding their favorite dish

nepali food

Advertisements As the Court does not like a court of chaos, and if the family is connected to the case, then it becomes more universally. But the upside because of kharagona the judge gangacarana Dube court and judges in front of a different image is coming. In fact, Your Honor parties to the agreement are informing favorite food treats. Originally ...

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This is how the pose of Calendar girl is


Advertisements Mdhukar Bhandakar is that famous director who is known to direct movies with the real story and subjects filled with debates. This time he has made a movie on the subject of glamour as ‘Calendar Girls’. In this movie Bhandakar has presented the bright life shown in the movies and the dark sight that are hidden back of it. ...

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Now home of sparrow in every governmental buildings


Advertisements The specialist have said that the sparrow are decreasing in their number as they do not have space to built nest due to increase in civilization and construction of concrete structures. Keeping these things in view now every governmental building are going to have home made for sparrows. This is not in Nepal. In India, Bihar state government has ...

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Craziest military training exercise

Advertisements Every country in the world, their army is ready to face the opposite situation. The soldiers go through extremely difficult times. In some countries, training of troops is very dangerous and strange. Today we’re telling you about something similar countries military training …. 1. Taiwan Marines Marines in southern Taiwan troops are training hard 9 weeks too. The last ...

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Sindhupalchwok still in danger- landslide and human settlement


Advertisements The disastrous earthquake hit Sindhupalchowk excessively causing many life to disappear and human settlement crushed down to the ground. This earthquake of biashak 12 did not only took the life of the people but left scars in the people’s life. Moreover Sindhupalchowk district has been center of natural disaster this year. With the scars of earthquake people who are ...

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Blood donation in Sunrise

Advertisements Ananta Prakash Subedi,July 2, 2015, Bharatpur,Nepal Junior Redcross Circle Sunrise English School organized a blood donation program this Thursday. 33rd blood donation program was organized in the Sunrise premises say Niruta Adhikari, Class ten student and president of NJRC. Its being organized yearly and co organizer is Sunrise Almuni Association Chitwan say Niruta. Though its hot climate and sunny, ...

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The rising Empire on the world –China

Advertisements China Will our neighboring country China going to rule over the world? Will China be the alternative choice for US? As a whole will China dominated the powerful country of the world US? these questions are in the people mind all over the world. If you want answer then you have to watch this documentary video released by Discovery ...

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Cause and reason for scooter accident

Advertisements There are accidents happening in capital city with the increase in vehicle and narrow roadwork lately. Last week in Sadobati of lalitpur 22 years old Sabitri Shrestha lost her life in a scooter accident. Likewise in Lilitpur Pulchowk, motorcycle collide to two girls. The two girl in the scooter got injured and till getting treating in hospital. There were ...

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Runway of Gautam Buddha Airport under construction

gautam budhha airport

Advertisements Bhairhawa,Nepal-Even the rain of the ashad has not affected the construction work of Gautam Buddha International Airport in Bhairahawa. The construction company has started to the work on paining the ground and managing the river as the rainy season has started while they are undergoing the construction of runway for the airport. Northwest China Company who has undertook the ...

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Maize can work as medicine


Advertisements Maize is a very popular grain. It is farmed in most of the countries in Asia. Either roasted or boiled or used in different dishes, maize along of tasting great it is also rich in nutritious components. Maize is very beneficial when you have problem related to the blood or weakness or for any sickness. Here are some facts ...

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3 trillion 26 million people has been collected for reconstruction


Advertisements In the conference held on Thursday to collect the finance for reconstruction of the country after the destruction created by the earthquake, 3 trillion 26 billion fund has been collected. There have been assumptions made on more increase in the fund. This fund provided by the countries like India and other different countries which was said to be handed ...

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Ghar Dhalera Baato chhekeko by Hum Gaire

98 Hum Gaire, Lok & Dohori geet Pratishthan

Advertisements Palpa-The new tragedy Nepali lok dohori song presented Vishal Music private limited titled ‘Ghar Dhalera Baato chhekeko’ is now available at market and social sharing sites too. ‘Ghar Dhalera Baato chhekeko’ is sung by Hum Gaire. Lyrics of this tragedy song ‘Ghar Dhalera Baato chhekeko song are written by Hum Gaire. Hum Gaire is not only a singer and ...

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