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Janmepachi Marnai Parne’, Nepali music video

The most strong power of human life is ‘will power’. It make human able to live thier future from differents dangerous dieases. In the world there are many people who are physically disable. In Nepal, Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, physically disable person who wrotes different novel with her legs make her will power strong. Not only Jhamak, Bishnu Kumari Waiba “Parijat”, …

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Maize can work as medicine

Maize is a very popular grain. It is farmed in most of the countries in Asia. Either roasted or boiled or used in different dishes, maize along of tasting great it is also rich in nutritious components. Maize is very beneficial when you have problem related to the blood or weakness or for any sickness. Here are some facts about …

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