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Maize can work as medicine

Maize is a very popular grain. It is farmed in most of the countries in Asia. Either roasted or boiled or used in different dishes, maize along of tasting great it is also rich in nutritious components. Maize is very beneficial when you have problem related to the blood or weakness or for any sickness. Here are some facts about maize on how it can be use as medicine.

For those who are patients of tuberculosis, the bread made from maize is very beneficial while including it in their daily diet. Also feeding maize to the person having fever can be very good for their health. Maize works as complete diet which provides energy to the body. Along with raising the blood in the body, it also help to boost up the digestive system of the body. Havinf boiled corn regularly for some weeks can eradicate the problem of anemia. It also benefit the kidneys.

It also benefits the urinary system of the body too. Having maize is the great way to keep the kidneys clean. If children have the problem of doing urination on the bed, feed them maize with a spoon of honey. the children will stop to do urine on their bed. When you have caught cold have the flour of maize which can provide you relief.

It help you to get rid of common cold and cough. Similarly it is beneficial to remove the weaknesses related to the heart. For this make the ahes of maize and have it with honey. Also having boiled corn can help to cure the problem of burning sensation during the urination and weakness of kidneys.

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