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Craziest military training exercise

Every country in the world, their army is ready to face the opposite situation. The soldiers go through extremely difficult times. In some countries, training of troops is very dangerous and strange. Today we’re telling you about something similar countries military training ….

1. Taiwan Marines
Marines in southern Taiwan troops are training hard 9 weeks too. The last soldiers ‘way to heaven’ crossing. During this period, their bodies dragged about 50 meters ahead on the sharp stones. Unlike the body of troops with a view to prepare for situations like this are made. This is repeated several times.
So why is it called ‘way to heaven’. When the marine complete ‘way to heaven’, they complete their training as marine. They become capable soldier and their life changes .So that is why it is called way to heaven.

2 US Marines
During the training of US Marines Cobra snake blood is fed. Indeed, in many parts of the world, the tradition of drinking the blood of a cobra, so they are prepared for the circumstances. Not only soldiers kill snakes Tricks were also alleged. Also alive chicken teeth cut is training to kill.

3. Russian special forces
Russia’s special forces are given a special training program. The other soldier is a soldier who fired the three shots to the chest. The intention is to prepare soldiers for emergencies when something like that happens during the fight. Soldier is shot in the chest when he either would fire at soldiers before being shot before or after being injured. US Army Special Forces operator Larry Vickers Russia issued a video of the dangerous training.

4. US Navy SEAL
US Navy SEAL training is often part of the way, but if we all of a most peculiar method call, then the soldiers tied the hands and feet are put in the water. It says Cold Water Conditioning. By the time they have to be quite similar. In a similar condition called them to swim.

5. Chinese military
China military that such training is provided by the bamboo poles down your back and your head can break bricks. It was used mainly to display their bravery. Now, do not use it, given the little time is spent on their training.

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