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Judge solve the family disputes feeding their favorite dish

As the Court does not like a court of chaos, and if the family is connected to the case, then it becomes more universally. But the upside because of kharagona the judge gangacarana Dube court and judges in front of a different image is coming. In fact, Your Honor parties to the agreement are informing favorite food treats. Originally from the sea living kharagona Court Judge gangacarana Dube is currently in Madhya Pradesh are CJM.

Favorite dish in addition to the agreement, he is also given a number of interesting decisions. Decisions in the most famous case was the character of the doubt. In which a young son of the DNA test was adamant. It was suspected that the child is not his. The judge in the court of science books explain the process of the birth of the child and young son to his value was taken. Their decisions in many foreign newspapers, including the Washington Post has written articles Ice cream brought from mithasa It was a domestic violence case.

Muslim girl was married off at a young age is. A year after the marriage began to quarrel. In the case of divorce was sought. The judge said, “Are you in love with the wife?” Which the young man replied, “Yes, I know I still can.” The response from the wife on it, “ice cream is not yet feeding, what will go.” Judge Young said that up to 7 days, and as evidence of the wife of the ice cream feed bill in court two. After this happened, both have been growing in the love and divorce case has been withdrawn. Judge has a special procedure under the law of the legal approach provided by the agreement.

Potato vegetable with black Khandwa:
Potato vegetable with black Khandwa is another matter. Itarsi-laws on the young woman was accused of dowry harassment. The young man said the woman has to pay maintenance agreement has been the case. Three years have passed. Judge Dube had both asked each other’s interest. His wife said, “These are the vegetables like potatoes.” At the behest of the judge for both a day and went home. Wife by the husband of potatoes to feed the vegetable. The next day, his wife came to the court and said, “I do not hold any grudge. I take the case back.

Biryani made thing:
Bhopal in 2011 on the living man and his wife filed a domestic violence case. Between husband and wife was third in discord extended. The wheel has reached a divorce. Dube came in the court case. The judge asked the woman where the two of you met for the first time and what was eaten. The answer to both was about the food that they had eaten chicken biryani. The judge found both in the same place and eat the same dish called. The two met and the matter has become. Women have the case withdrawn. Judge Dube has this formula is taken from the story of the Hollywood film The Last Ride. There are only two couples meet. Judge Sahab films take an idea and try it keeps the court’s decision not broken family and the family could crumble again 1 for every attempt. Ganga step Dube points out that the Washington Post in their decisions has been widely praised, and there’s also these formulom to your jyudisari is. 15 years fighting for the separation of many households, he has a few days 1 and are still happy life.

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