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Janmepachi Marnai Parne’, Nepali music video

The most strong power of human life is ‘will power’. It make human able to live thier future from differents dangerous dieases. In the world there are many people who are physically disable. In Nepal, Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, physically disable person who wrotes different novel with her legs make her will power strong. Not only Jhamak, Bishnu Kumari Waiba “Parijat”, . Nowadays, many people are suffer from uncured dieases like cancer. Patients become hopeless and died earlier than if their will power will be strong.

Providing message and give little bit will power to such type of patients, great artists Mithila Sharma and Saroj Khanal acts in a music video titled ‘Janmepachi Marnai Parne Saswat Niyam Ho’. This video is made by the group work of ‘Nepal Cancer Hospital’ and ‘Gyanu Dahal Trust’ where artist Mithila Sharma act as a cancer patient. This messageful video which gives the message to become strong mentally and socially to all the uncured patients. The video is produced and directed by Saroj Oli where cinematographer is Gokul Adhikari, lyricist is Dinesh Thapaliya and musician is Basanta Sapkota. Singers of this music are Rajeshpayal Rai and Smita Dahal. See the messageful music video below.

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