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Nepali national song ‘Rato Rang Ko’

New Nepali national song of Yubraj Gurung titled ‘Rato Rang Ko Jhanda Bhitra’ is most acceptable song which is now available at YouTube. This song is describing about the habitats, cultural things and people’s situation in our country. There are many, races and ethics in our country and have own religion, cultural and social habitats. Not ony these, Nepal is also rich in natural thing. Rivers, mountains, plan lands, hilly region, beautiful flowers and birds as well as animals are live in our country. Natural country, country of Sagarmatha, country of lord Gautam Buddha, only a country of all ethics group like Aryan and Mongolian, Nepal.

This song is sung by Yubraj Gurung where he also composed the beautiful and suitable music for the lyrics of the song which are written by Shila Panta. In the video of this song, many artists are featuring with different ethics and cultural dresses like of Chhetri and Bhramins, Madeshi, Tamang, Kiranti and many others with best actress Karishma Manandhar, Surya and Alex. Cinematogrpaher of this song is Rameshwor Karki where editor is Birendra Bhat ‘Bipin’. Director of this video song is Govinda Rai and this song is produce by Vision Nepal Films private limited. See the national song titled ‘Rato Rang Ko’ below.

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