Nepali modern song “Dil Kholi Parkhi Rahechhu”

Most popular and most acceptable singer of Nepali classical music industry, Ram Krishna Dhakal published a new music song title “Dil Kholi Parkhi Rahechhu”. This song is presented by Suresh Ghimire ‘Nischinta’ with B & B Creation Private Limited as a Nepali modern and classical love song. This song is released through the social sharing online site for the videos called as YouTube on 4 April, 2016 from the official subscribe channel of Vibes Digital Nepal Private Limited.

Singer of this latest and most popular as well as super hit song is Ram Krishna Dhakal. Beautiful, lovely, marvelous and alluring type of lyrics for this song are written by Suresh Ghimire ‘Nishchinta’ where the matching and appropriate music is composed by Ramchandra Anjan. Production and distribution as well as the song is made under the banner of B & B Creation Private Limited.

In the video of this song “Dil Kholi Parkhi Rahechhu”, Max and Shital are starring as newly introduce people and both of them likes each other. This song is about the feelings of boy towards a beautiful girl whom he likes most. These both artists are directed by Basanta Sapkota. Cinematographer and editor of the video for the song are Utshav Dahal and Deepak Bista respectively. See the song “Dil Kholi Parkhi Rahechhu” below.

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