New Nepali lok song Facebook Viber

Sathibhai Digital Presents :- Nepali lok song
song:- Facebook Viber
Vocal:- Khuman Adhikari & Amrita Lungeli Magar
Lyrics:- Ganesh GM & Tufan GM
Music:- Santa Kumar Gharti Magar
Audio/video:- Sathibhai Digital Music Pvt. Ltd. 9849993685, 9808993981
Director:- Bijay Thapa
Cinematographer:- Karan Chaisir
Editor:- Bishnu Sharma
Model:- Bijay Thapa / Parbati Rai
Post Production:- Sai Vision Pvt. Ltd. 014102684

There are different genres of songs in Nepal. Nepali Folk Songs is one of them which is completely different from Nepali Modern Songs, which is somehow influenced by western music. The real Nepali Music is the Folk Music where local voice and lyrics, together with Flute, Madal, Sarangi and other traditional musical instruments are used to create music. Here we collected some of Nepali Evergreen Folk Songs. Enjoy the Nepali beats.

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