K Yo Maya Ho Alisha Rai

“K Yo Maya Ho” is a New Nepali Melodious Pop Song by Shahiel Khadka featuring Beautiful Alisha Rai . This music video is about Love . In this video song Vocal , Lyrics, Music all of them is done by Shahiel Khadka only and Arrangement / Mixing / Mastering is done by famous singer Brijesh Shrestha who is famous in Nepal music industry . The Production Manager of this video song is Nirmal Neupane .

By looking the title only we can know that this song is love song . In this song he have describe about love. In this song he is saying that we fill nervous when we are near to our love one’s but when we are far from our love one’s we fill loneliness when we are with our friends or in a crowd , we fill everything new when we are around with our love one’s. By looking the way of describing by him we can know that Love is a pretty powerful drug. When you feel it, you really feel it. It can suspend time, making the whole world seem still except for you two. It make’s you think about her only. In this video song we can know how we feel when we fall in love with someone.

The model of this music video is featured by Shahiel Khadka and beautiful Alisha Rai. “K Yo Maya Ho” video song is directed by Jeewan Chaulagain .

To watch this Nepali Melodious Pop Song click below.

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