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Bhetnalai aau hai kanchha

New Nepali Melodious Comedy music video “Bhetnalai aau hai kanchha” from album Bhetnalai aau hai kanchha. The Music Video features is done by Raju Master/Balchhi Dhurbe/Aasha khadka/raju chaulagain / Dalbahadur and other. Bhetnalai aau hai kanchha is a Nepali Comedy song in which beautiful vocal is done by Bishal Bastola/Devi Gharti .This music video is directed and edited by Bishnu Bhattarai.“Bhetnalai aau hai kanchha” was cinematographed by Basu Baral.
Vocal : Bishal Bastola/Devi Gharti
Music/ Lyrics : Raju Chaulagai
Special Thanks : Ajay Bastola
Direction/Editing : Bishnu Bhattarai
Camera : Basu Baral
Act : Raju Master/Balchhi Dhurbe/Aasha khadka/raju chaulagain / Dalbahadur and other
Post Producton & Marketed by : Abiral films (P).Ltd

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