Laure – Nephop ko Baato

Laure is the top most famous rapper of Nepal .Laure’s ‘NEPHOP KO BAATO’ is the track no. 2 from his album ‘Chup Laag’, which is re-arranged by his band ‘Laure & The Battalion’. The concept of this song basically describes about Nepali Hiphop or Nephop’s phases and it’s impact towards the young generation.This video is directed by the Marku / Bishesh pandey .Where as the Camera/Editing is done by the “The Basement”.All those struggles and sacrifices done by Nepali Legendary Rappers will count for surely. Now, our record label ‘The Bad Kompany’ welcomes you all to be the part of NEPHOP KO BAATO.

In this video the characters role like teacher is done by Anusha Shrestha. The role of kid is done by Gaurav Sherchan and the role of mother is done by Padma Sherchan .

To watch this video click below.

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