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3 Reasons Why Men Are Attracted to a Woman’s Brea$ts

What is it about those double jugs of joy that makes us look at them and then want to squeeze them, ki$$ them and suck them?
In this video, I provide 3 completely natural and normal reasons why we men feel so attracted to knockers.
After that, there’s just a whole lot of b@@bies action for you to enjoy at the end of the video.

Why are we men so attracted to a woman’s b@@bs?

Here are 3 major reason of it lets check it out.
1. It’s an obvious feminine feature
Men are attracted to features about a woman that make her look different from a man.The male and female bodies are very similar with the main differences being a woman’s obvious feminine features and the differences between our genitals.

2. It signals that she’s ready for breeding
Breasts signal that a woman is ready for breeding.It may sound superficial just to be talking about breeding, but that’s where the instinct of attraction comes from.

3. It’s something that we can show obvious attraction for her about
When a man and a woman show genuine mutual attraction for one another, it helps to release the brain chemicals of dopamine and oxytocin which create sexual desire and brings the couple closer together.The basic brain chemical reaction to mutual attractionA woman’s breasts is something obviously feminine about her that we can focus on and get turned on by which then makes her feel turned on and excited if the attraction is mutual.

So, for all the men watching this who’ve ever felt a little bit embarrassed that you feel so attracted to a woman’s breasts, just know that it’s completely natural and normal.It’s not your fault that you feel naturally and instantly attracted to a woman’s physical appearance.It’s just how the nature of attraction works.
So, go ahead and enjoy the b@@bies…

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