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Second phase election postponed

Biratnagar, 31 Jeth, the Deputy Prime Minister Vijaykumar Gakhdarla announced that, they are trying to involve National Republic party in the second phase of local election. This party will be present in our 2nd stage local election, he said.

In many parts of the world, local elections take place to select office-holders in local government, such as mayors and councilors. Elections to positions within a city or town are often known as “municipal elections”. Their form and conduct vary widely across jurisdictions. The ruling parties and the agitating Federal Alliance on Saturday made a breakthrough agreement to end the political stalemate with an understanding to endorse the new constitution amendment bill through a fast track after some revision, and hold the local level elections in two phases.

A meeting of the Cabinet on Sunday will formally endorse the agreement regarding the constitution amendment and holding elections in two phases. The three-point agreement, which is expected to be formally signed tomorrow by the top leaders of both the sides, includes withdrawal of all agitation programmers announced by the Federal Alliance and its constituent United Democratic Madhesi Front.

Before election, Election Agenda Constitution Amendment to the Government, all of e knows that. But in coming days we will honestly trying to make decision about election agenda to Stipulated by the National People’s. Party election commitment to participate in a second phase to be held on July 14 in 11 districts of 43 districts in the third phase of elections to the local government. The country took some time before through to start internal war, he stressed the need of solving the initiative while expressing constitution acceptable to all parties is needed to pursue together. Ornament expressed the view that it is now possible. Chairman of Democratic Forum, Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Affairs and Local Development at the local district committee stipulated by the other party alliance the right to participate in the election will be decided on the names of candidates provided by the Metropolitan, said Biratnagar be made more public.

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