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Number of workers going abroad rises every month

Monthly more than 1000 people have gone abroad for the employment. Due to lack of job opportunity in Nepal more than half percent of youths leave from Nepal to overcome their poverty. Uncountable youth was in problem and some were di*Ed in those country but Nepal’s government never take any action for those problems. Nepal is the only one country which survives from remittance.

Nepal is an aggro-based country. Sixty five percent of people completely depend on agriculture in Nepal. Some of the educated people are employed in other sectors such as teaching, office work, business, etc. although the people belong to various social groups and religions; they really practice ‘unity in diversity’. The followers of one religion respect the people who belong to other religions. She is a Hindu state people enjoy right to other religions too. The feeling and practice of fraternity fosters the rapport between the people. People speak different languages and enjoy different modes of cultures, traditions and festivals.

The whole nation was in the dark days. Many years ago, 12 Nepalese were k*lled for no reason by Iraq terr*rists .Whole land that used to be a popular destination because of news. Iraq employment was shocked by the Nepalese, but after the incident, most of the people were against Iraq.Due to the lack of work opportunities and the growth of poverty and life force to go abroad to Nepal every year, and many are being lost to the.

But still there is something wrong when years. Though foreign news are still crawling with regard to the policy that the nation should have been some improvements to be improvised. This problem is not only one problem for Nepali worker in gulf country. But our government was silent. In today’s date, also so many Nepali youth suffering from those kind of problem.

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