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Nepal Oil Corporation slashes prices of petrol, diesel

The price of Nepal Oil Corporation Petroleum has declined. The price of petrol, diesel and kerosene is reduced to NOC. NOC petrol, diesel and kerosene oil has reduced by 1 rupee.

The spokesman of the value corporation will be adjusted on Friday night at 12 noon. Sitaram Pokharel said. Now, one hundred rupees per liter of patrol produce. Before that, take 50 bucks and 1 hundred per liter. Diesel and kerosene oil cost Rs. 50 a liter inexpensive. Now diesel and kerosene oil worth Rs 76 a liter. Prior to this, the price of diesel and kerosene is Rs 77 per liters; a liter from the price of 50 penny is reduced. The cost of subsidized cooking gas LPG Corporation is not low. Gas price is 75 Rs 13 hundred rupees. Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) was established in January 1970 by the Government of Nepal as a state-owned trading company to deal with the import, transportation, storage and distribution of various petroleum products in the country. NOC, headquartered in Kathmandu, has Five Regional Offices and also Branch Offices, Fuel Depots and Aviation Fuel Depots with total storage capacity of 71,622 Kiloliters (KL) and around 600 employees.

International marketer Pokarel and Indian Oil Corp., NOC, have sent the price of oil due to the price of crude oil minimized in petroleum products prices. Nepal is a land locked country bordering three sides by India and the northern part of snow fed Himalayas by Tibet/China. Nepal does not produce any oil and depends totally on imports in the refined form, as it does not have any oil refinery. NOC is the sole organization responsible for the import and distribution of petroleum products through around 1500 Tank Trucks and 1500 retail outlets owned by the private sector around all parts of the country.

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