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Pradeep Khadka Strong Competitor For Anmol KC

Actor Pradeep Khadka is said to take around 20 lakhs fee for signing his next film. Is he trying to become strong competitor for Anmol KC?

Pradeep Khadka born in 1992 March 10 in Lalitpur, is an award-winning Nepali actor, filmmaker and a model based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Pradeep started his film career in 2011 as a filmmaker and an actor, establishing his own film production company. However, he remained largely unnoticed until 2015 before Prem Geet was released.

It was reported that Pradeep was chosen for his role in Prem Geet through an open audition. Prior to joining the movie industry, Pradeep was a student of marketing and ran a non-government organization.

Pradeep Khadka, a MBA Graduate in Marketing from Lord Buddha Education Foundation, affiliated to Sikkim Manipal University, was born in Kusunti, Lalitpur on 10th of March 1992. He completed his higher secondary from Prasadi Academy.

He comes from quite a non-filmy background. However, he has always aspired to be a film maker. Hence on 2011 AD, Pradeep registered a media house named Pradeep Media Pvt. Ltd.

Talkin about his debut movie, as a lead actor, ‘ESCAPE’, which is a pradeep media presentation, has the story and concept of non other than Pradeep himself.

Full feature nepali movie ‘Thulo Maanche’ released on may 2013, which was also a Pradeep Media presentation, is his first venture where he worked behind the camera. “I want to be a good film maker, hence ‘Thulo maanche’ is my first field project where i gained most of the practical knowledge related to film making”, pradeep says.

Pradeep further adds that, “Basically i am a management student, ‘Thulo Maanche’ and ‘ESCAPE’ are just two projects under pradeep media. The banner, Pradeep Media is what i actually want to establish. Pradeep as a lead on ESCAPE was a perfect match with story and character. Besides, the team is highly satisfied with the on screen as well as preliminary trail performances. Pradeep media has alot more to offer to the film industry and the audience, irrespective to pradeep being on screen or behind the camera”.

Pradeep who is also the vice-president at Mission to Relief Nation Nepal, MIRENN, an NGO, says, “Besides Media, social initiative tasks are what i have always look forward for. Therefore both of the movies and my upcoming projects will also be a social initiatives where possible”.

Pradeep at last wraps up with the saying that, everyone in this world needs identity, Identity is something what i aspire to earn. I want to be recognized as a good citizen of Nepal. I want to work on various promising fields of Nepal and will continue working as a media person.

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