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Interview with Kiran kc

Kiran kc celebrated his birthday so interview taken by Rishi Dhamala .Rishi Dhamala (also known as Risi Dhamala or as Durga Prasad Dhamala after his childhood name) is a popular Nepali journalist and the founder and chairperson of the Reporter’s Club Nepal.

As of 2015, Rishi Dhamala leads the Reporter’s Club Nepal, a media forum that brings news reporters and influential figures from Nepal into an interactive platform. In addition, Dhamala works for several other media outlets in Nepal. He works for at least 4 television stations running talk shows and current affairs programs. In Nepal Television, he runs a business talk show; in Himalayan TV, he runs a show called RD Show and in News 24 TV he presents Ujyalo program.

In addition, Rishi Dhamala is associated with and runs programs in Dhading‘s Dibya Dristi television, Nepal Bani Network’s Bani Bahas and writes features and articles in several newspapers including Bimarsha, Ghatana ra Bichar, Satyagraha and Jana Dharana and edits his own online newsportal.

Rishi Dhamala was born in Dhading’s Jyamrung village as Durga Prasad Dhamala. He was given a new name, i.e. Rishi, at an early age by a popular village leader in his village who happened to share the same name, Durga Prasad. Rishi said in an interview that since Durga Prasad’s ego was hurt by the fact that a not-so-significant boy in the village had the same name as of his, he was indirectly forced to adopt a new name.

Rishi completed primary education from Sankhadevi Primary School of his village and left his education to travel to Kathmandu out of curiosity. Though generally known as an uneducated journalist, Rishi has said in interviews that he has passed the SLC exams in 1992 from Janaprabhat Secondary School and an Intermediate in Arts (IA) degree in 1995 from People’s Campus Paknajol, Kathmandu. In an interview with the Kathmandu Today, Rishi said that he wants to complete an MA in Political Science some day.

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