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Interview with Rajesh Hamal & Madhu

In 1990 he did only one film, Adhikar. He was actor at the box office. 1991 proved to be the best year for Hamal with him getting 3 movies Viz. Bhauju, Deuki and Deuta, all becoming hit. Hamal also received his first National Films Award for Best Actor Award in 1991 film Deuta. In 1992 he appeared in Punjabi film named Kachehri. He also appeared in film Chatyang and earned second National Films Award “Best Actor” category award.

In 1993 he appeared in only two films Kasam and Adhikar, both becoming box office success. In 1994 he appeared in film Paribhasa and first time nominated in National Films Award “Best Supporting Actor” Category. He received his Fifth National Films Award for the film Bandhan. In 1997 he worked with actress Jal Shah in film juntara and won National Films Best Actor Award. In 1999 Hamal worked alongside actress Niruta Singh for the first time in the film “Chadani”. He played the role of the son of a rich man who fell in love with a village girl. Later he appeared in films Ranabhumi, Dharmaputra, Pardesi Kancha, Shankar, Jindagani, Ek Number Ko Pakhe. His last release in 1999 was “Mato bolcha” which was directed by Rajesh Raj Acharya under Sayapatri films banner. Hamal was nominated for many award categories. He ended up winning National Films best actor awards for this role.

In 2000 he appeared in film “Basanti” along with actress Karishma Manandhar with whom he has worked in many films. This Film was based on the era of Rana dynasty. He was critically acclaimed for his acting in the film and this film proved to be the highest-grossing film in the box office. Later he worked in films like Dhuk dhuki, Upakar, Asirbad, Nepal Pyaro Chha, The yug dekhi yug samma”. In 2009 he appeared in film “Raju Raja Ram” along with two other stars of Nepalese film industry, Bhuwan K.C. and Shiv Shrestha, where he played role of Raju.

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