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Natural Methods to cure Hydrocele

Growth of Testicles in Men and Home Remedies on the Looseness of the Testicles
Sometimes to find water in the testes due to some reasons and causes their size increases, skinned it above the testicles also seems to be stiff and hard, in some cases, increase the meat on one side of the testicle and the same The condition is said to increase in one end of the testicle. If this disease is not correct at the beginning, then it also changes in the horrible disease. Occasionally increase in the testicles for injury or other reasons. There are swelling, thereby causing severe pain. In this situation, the following treatment is very helpful.
Let’s go to the home remedies to increase the testicles.

Castor: Take 1 glass of milk and mix 2 teaspoons of iron oil in it. In the morning after consuming this milk does not increase the testicles, if the scrotum is massaged from the oil, then it will dry up the water stored in the testicle. And removes the excess meat.

Mango tree: Mango tree is found on a mango tree, grind it with cow urine and make a paste and apply it on the part of the testicle which has increased, let it stay for some time, relax.

Mango Leaves: Take a little mango leaves and grind them, add some salt in the lip and apply it on the testicle. This lip absorbs all the water in the testicles and provides relief.

Myocardium: Add a little turmeric and Valhalla together and rub it on the testicles, it stops the testicles growth, and also gives relief to the kandu.

Marva Fruits: If the fruit of the peacock is tied on the waist then the change in the size of the testicle can be easily corrected.

Karaganda: You have to prepare the powder of the seeds and then pour this powder on the anvil leaves and bind it to the place of the testicle which has increased. In addition to this, mix the medulla made from the seeds of Cantata with 1 teaspoon of black pepper mixed in the morning.

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