Gaya Jamana

Listen to the new teej song released in the market and the name of that new teej song is Gaya Jamana by singer Ramesh Pathak & Bhumika Giri. The Lyrics / Music of the song is given by Beg Rana. Arrange : Krishna Bhanja, Studio : Malshree, Model : Dipasha B.C./Santosh Kumal, Camera / Edit : Deependra Bhatta, Direction : Shiba B.K.

Teej is a festival celebrated by Nepali women, for the long life of her husband and long and firm relationship between them until the death this life and all the lives to come. Teej is observed for marital happiness, well-being of spouse and children and purification of own body and soul. Teej is the most famous festival among Nepali women.

The folk music and dances add more flavor to traditional values of Teej. It is fascinating to see women, in “Red” dancing and singing on the street, going to temple in holy and fasting mood. Teej is also called Hari Talika Teej. This festival is celebrated by Nepali Hindu women all across the world.

Teej is a small red insect that comes out of the soil during the rainy season. It is said Teej got its name from the same red insect. That is why Teej is celebrated in red.

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