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New teej song by Komal Oli & Pragya Oli

Komal oli is a famous singer of Nepal. She is unmarried woman. Now days she is busy in Nepali politics. She is candidate for the napali politics party Raprapa. She is the top listed celebrity of Nepal. Komal Oli is a popular Media Personality and Singer. This is an auto-biography from her.

She was born to Lalit and Deepa on April 16 in Tikari, Dang. I have three other siblings, me being the eldest.She spent my entire childhood at my hometown — Dang. I was very mischievous when she was a kid. She still remember the days when my father used to cook delicacies at home and used to announce that he would give it to the ones who could sing. Whenever he used to come up with this contest, she would always come first. Then, my brothers and my sister used to get jealous of me. She was no different in my school when it came to breaking the rules. Since she was the captain there what I used to do was, she never used to allow other than my friends to go to the toilet. Because of my curls, she was given the nickname ‘Kuthurkey’. She was not that fair and because of it she was also called ‘Kali’. Once it so happened that one of my friends along with a couple of others with whom she had an argument pushed me and I landed up in a dump. Because of this incident, she was not able to go to school for a week. As soon as she was able to stand up on my legs, she formed a gang and waited for my rivals who were on their way to school. As soon as they came towards us, we beat them up! Then after, the entire village had to come to make peace between the two g@ngs.

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